Bill hired Emily as his Listing Agent in 2013 

“Emily was wonderful to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I am a licensed commercial broker and actually thought about selling the house myself but I am thrilled that I eventually chose Emily to handle the sale. 

The eventual buyer was representing herself and Emily had remarkable patience in taking her through all the necessary steps that eventually lead us to the closing. I was also very impressed with her follow up and attention to detail. 

Each week, she gave us a list of the people who had walked through the house and their comments on what they liked and what they didn’t like about our house.  On top of that, it was helpful to continually receive great Intel on the market.  We felt that we were really in tune on what houses were selling and what amount they eventually sold for.  

Bottom line, I would highly recommend Emily if you are thinking about buying a house or selling one."

Bill Kilborn, July 2013

Garden Hills 


John hired Emily as his Listing Agent in 2013

“Emily did a great professional job. She provided me with very realistic information about the market at the time and gave me solid advice as to the likelihood of sale and likely price of sale.  This helped in setting the price that resulted in a prompt sale where both the seller and the buyer were pleased.

I would recommend her to others because she gave me realistic information in advance and solved concerns in advance.  She did what she said she would do and she followed through. She never wasted any of my time or money.

She knew the market and I literally "took her words to the bank."  Everyone likes to deal with people who are knowledgeable, honest and who deliver, whether dealing with a surgeon or a yard worker. Emily is such a person in her trade.  The real estate community should be proud to have her as a member.  I know I am.”

John Butters, April 2013

Garden Hills 


 Suzi and Ellis hired Emily as Both their Listing and Buyer’s Agent in 2013

“Emily was a great help by selling our house quickly as well as aggressively helping us find our new home!

She was great about following up and communicating throughout process.

We would absolutely recommend Emily. She was aggressive, responsive, and on the ball.”

Suzi Thorp, July 2013

Peachtree Hills 


Laine and Jason hired Emily as their Listing Agent in 2013

"Emily was the listing agent for the sale of our house in Brookhaven, which happily went under contact and closed very quickly. Being a "Type A" myself, I appreciated the fact that Emily was a stickler for the details.

She further built our trust by explaining everything about the process clearly, thoroughly and patiently. Further, she handled the unique negotiations during our under contract period with grace - something we could not have done on our own as we no longer live in the area nor did we have the knowledge or resources of her Keller Williams team.

She provided excellent service to us and we would not hesitate to hire her again!" 

Laine Nixon, May 2013





Adam hired Emily as his Buyers Agent in 2013

 “Emily’s service was top notch and of high quality. My transaction was not an easy one and had multiple issues but Emily was always thoughtful, caring, generous with her time and creative in her approach to the problems we faced.

Emily was very helpful in helping me find alternative condos when I thought I needed to look elsewhere.  Even though we decided to go with the original condo, she didn't bat an eye and kept rolling with the punches.  We had multiple addendums to the contract and reluctance with the seller that involved much tight rope walking and careful judgment.  A more novice agent would have easily botched things up, but Emily handled it with grace. Time and money were definitely saved and hassles were avoided.

I really enjoyed working with Emily and would recommend her services to others who are considering buying or selling a home.”

Adam Payne, September 2013

Midtown Atlanta


Smith hired Emily as his Listing Agent in 2013

"Emily was spot-on with her evaluation of the value of my house and didn’t waste time with people that were not looking to buy. I loved the way she came to our initial meeting prepared to discuss the house and how it should be marketed.

As a real estate professional, I was very pleased with the level of feedback she got from potential buyers and their agents. She made the process of selling my house easy with no surprises. I'll definitely recommend her to my friends. I can’t wait to work with her again!"

Smith Levenson, April 2013

Sandy Springs


Alexa hired Emily as her Buyer's Agent in 2013 

"I highly recommend Emily as a real estate agent. As a semi-neurotic individual buying a short sale, Emily always stayed on top of things and kept the situation as stress-free as humanly possible. I love my new townhouse and I have Emily to thank!"

Alexa Kwartin, August 2013



 The Williams hired Emily as their Listing Agent in 2013

“Emily did an excellent job for us in the sale of our home. Her professionalism, friendliness and good advice served us very well.  It actually resulted in our getting a better price for our home than we were asking.  From the first appointment when we listed with her, to her advice on handling multiple offers (which resulted in receiving a higher price) to the closing, everything was handled in a very competent and efficient manner. 

We will certainly recommend her to anyone we come into contact with who wants to list their home or buy a home.  We have complete confidence in her personally and in Keller Williams.”

Yardy and Barbara Williams, June 2013

East Cobb


 Ryan hired Emily as his Buyer's Agent in 2013 


I've worked with many real estate agents, but my experience with Emily was undoubtedly the best.  She did a great job of understanding my needs and what was important to me in a potential home purchase.  Throughout the process, this remained front-and-center, and I always felt that she was searching for ME, not to make a sale for her own benefit.  It was always clear that she was trying to find the perfect home, and she was willing to spend the time and effort to make it happen.  I can honestly say that her approach, professionalism, and honesty were the perfect recipe to find and purchase the perfect home.  

I would absolutely recommend Emily!  I couldn't provide a better recommendation to a real estate professional, and I feel very comfortable endorsing Emily's desire to work hard to find the perfect home for a client.  She will dedicate the time, energy, and effort to the situation, and she won't be satisfied unless the client is truly happy.  That is a rare approach in this industry.  


Ryan Oliver, July 2013
Midtown Atlanta